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4 Tips to Help Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Looking to update a bathroom and stay on a budget? Here are four great tips to help you do just that! Refinish, Don’t Replace If you have well-built cabinets or furniture pieces, you can refinish them to get a big upgrade with a small investment. Keep in...

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Why Does My Drain Smell So Bad? And, What Can I Do About it?

Ever wondered what that funky smell in your bathroom is? Sometimes you know EXACTLY what is it (and we can’t help you with that). But when you’ve got that persistent funk wafting up from your shower or tub drain, you start to wonder what went down there…and more importantly…what you can do about it.

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How Do I Unblock a Stinky Shower Drain?

Few things can ruin a relaxing shower more than a persistent funky smell coming out of your shower drain. Sometimes that smell means you need to do some significant plumbing work, but sometimes you’re a quick DIY solution away from keeping your shower drain smell-free.

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