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4 Tips to Help Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Posted on January 12 2019

A gentleman showing diy bathroom renovation home owners what products to use for their bathroom shower drain renovation

Looking to remodel your bathroom and stay on a budget? Here are four great tips to help you do just that!

Refinish, Don’t Replace

If you have well-built cabinets or furniture pieces, you can refinish them to get a big upgrade with a small investment. Keep in mind though, that this only works with cabinets made with solid wood that are in good condition. Aging particle board items aren’t worth the effort or money to refinish. You will have to have some space to work and the various steps to strip the old finish and prepare (and seal) a new finish can take a rather long time. But, if your bottom line is top of mind, refinishing can be the way to go!

Splurge Selectively

Sometimes it’s more important to buy the right item than the least expensive item. When it comes to installing hardware and plumbing, make sure you do it once and do it right. Shower pans are a great example of a place to buy the RIGHT items.

With all the layers that go into a shower pan installation, the last thing you want is a cheap component to fail and require a full rip out and re- remodel of the shower, or worse: the shower and the room under it. You’re far better off choosing solutions like The Wondercap: a revolutionary fitting designed to stop construction waste entering and blocking waste pipes. The Wondercap offers a triple seal connection to the drain that adjusts to the many layers of materials used to build a shower pan. It has a variety of strainer options to fit any decor and the antibacterial materials prevent bacteria and mold growth over time. And, it’s easy to install with 100% accurate positioning over the drain hole.

Don’t leave fundamental functions to chance when you’re working with water!

Look for Look-A-Likes

Love that artisan sink bowl you found on Pinterest? Shop around for items with a similar shape, color, or vibe and save big bucks. You may need to shop at various stores or markets, purchase floor models, or scour the internet but with a clear vision, tenacity, and patience, you can find a look you love at a price that won’t break your budget.

It’s a lot easier to shop for specific items at a bargain when you have a whole look in mind. That way you can envision how each piece works together to fulfill your overall design goals. You may have a picture of a round gilded, Baroque framed mirror over a white sink and discover a square framed mirror that would make the perfect accent… once you apply some gold paint!

Don’t Be Afraid of Remnants

If your bathroom is relatively small, you may have a big chance to save on tile, countertops, and more by shopping for remnants or odd lots. Most flooring stores, for example, need to have a large quantity of any given flooring item in stock to serve someone wanting to redo their whole home. If you’re only needing a few square feet, you may be able to buy what’s left of a lot for a big discount.


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