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8 Critical Mistakes to Avoid During Your First Bathroom Remodel

Posted on April 03 2019

Bathroom using the Wondercap Shower drain system in the USA


Even if you think of your bathroom remodel as an investment in your home, watch your spending. It’s easy for little things to add up fast and while a bathroom remodel can increase the value of your home, there’s a point at which you’re over-investing and won’t be able to recoup your costs when (or if) you sell your home.

DIY Waterproofing

Trust the professionals when it comes to waterproofing. If you are doing it yourself, be sure to get expert advice and follow rules exactly. It doesn’t pay to figure it out as you go along when it comes to waterproofing! So much water (fresh and waste alike) flow through a bathroom that any waterproofing done wrong can cause very expensive consequences long-term.

Moving Plumbing Fixtures

Whenever possible, keep your plumbing fixtures where they are. Trying to change the entire layout of a bathroom is a recipe for a very expensive renovation. Plumbing is built in with the framing of a home and trying to move drains or water lines means cutting into wallboard, floors, and more. Remember mistake #1, overspending? Moving those fixtures is a great way to end up with water issues AND drive up your costs.

Trying To Squeeze Too Much In

So your dream bathroom has a soaking tub, shower larger than your car, dual vanity sinks, a separate room for the toilet, a dressing room, and a meditation zone. Take a look at the square footage you’re working in and edit your wish list down to items that will really work in your home. If you can’t use it you won’t enjoy it. So be careful of trying to squeeze too much into the space.

Poor Task Lighting

If you always apply makeup in the bathroom or trim your hair looking in the sink mirror…you’ll want good quality lighting. It’s easy to get wowed by the aesthetic of a lighting fixture and forget how it will cast light in the room.

Removing The Bath: “But I won’t use it!” we hear you saying. Do you want to resell your home? Removing the bath, especially if it’s your only bath can significantly affect the value of your home. So tread carefully here!

Poor Drainage

If you’re installing a new shower pan (or renovating an existing one), ensuring the drainage works perfectly is key. Fortunately, newer components like our Wondercap Shower Drain, a drain fitting with a triple seal connection, adjusts to the many layers of materials used to build a shower pan. Take the guesswork out of drainage if you want to have long-term confidence in your renovation.

Using Fixtures And Features That Date

Be wary of trendy items that are expensive or hard to replace. Ever encountered an avocado green toilet or tub? Stick with neutral classics for fixtures and big features and use easy-to-update accents to add style. Paint, towels, and accessories are all good ways to add personality without getting stuck with a quickly dated bathroom.


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