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How to waterproof a shower

Posted on June 29 2020

How to waterproof your shower pan?

There are several types of waterproofing methods and products on the market, and we will cover them all!

There are 3 specific types, being: paintable waterproofing membrane, waterproofed sheet (PVC plastic shower pan liner or Schluter), and hot mopping.

The Wondercap works with the two types - paintable and sheet liner.

Paintable Waterproofing Method

RedGard and AquaDefense are the two most common and trusted brands on the market for paintable waterproofing membrane. It is applied in an easy 4 step process:

  1. Insert and screw in shower floor drain kit outer flange
  2. Prime and dry timber or fabricated concrete base.
  3. Apply first layer of waterproofing membrane with a roller. Allow to cure for 2 hours minimum and apply 2nd coat.
  4. Insert your inner flange using glue and apply your final layer to seal the flange kit into the waterproofing. You can also use banding strips to increase the durability.

Those being:

  • Wondercap Kit
  • AquDefence or RedGard paintable waterproofing membrane
  • Paint brush
  • Primer
  • Silicone
  • Adhesive Glue
  • Waterproofing Backer Board Seam Tape

Wondercap has two videos instructing how to use the AquaDefence and RedGard waterproofing membrane for your shower floor drain. It goes through step by step and instructs exactly what tools you need to install as well. Otherwise click here for the downloadable installation PDF.


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