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What’s Hot in Bathrooms for 2019

Posted on April 09 2019

Bathroom renovation tips when using the Wondercap Shower drain system

A great way to start winter 2019 is with a bathroom renovation that will last. While bathrooms are one of the most functional rooms of the house, it doesn’t mean that it is a room that cannot be big on style. Here are some looks that are on trend for this year.

Classic Neutral Hues

A classic look in the bathroom is always in style and the look will last you for many years. Add a modern touch by adding a monochrome effect through the space. Think marble tiles, greys mixed with woods, and beautiful taps and mirrors. 

Sophisticated Spa Style Looks

Dark shades are back in. Bold sultry styles that appear indulgent and opulent are in vogue. Bold blacks and greys are on trend this year on walls, mirrors, bathrobes and vanities. Use neutral tones for your accessories.

Square Shower Drains

Square shower drains are in vogue. And they not only look good they are practical! There is more room, meaning less likelihood of debris getting caught in the drain, both during the build and afterwards. They are also easy to tile around than traditional round shower drains.

Open Designs

Privacy is of course important in the bathroom but gone are the days when you hide while getting ready. Showering and getting ready in the opening is what is happening in bathrooms! A privacy glass or barrier is still used.

Statement Art

Statement art is everywhere in 2019 – and this includes the bathroom. A sophisticated picture or other piece of fine art will always provide your bathroom with a great focal point.

Grey and White Marble

White and grey marble continues to be a popular material for both kitchens and bathrooms this year. They are classic and timeless and provide a beautiful look for your home whether your style choice is modern or traditional. Marble is also durable and will add value to your home.

Hidden Drains

Marble can be used to hide drains and plumbing fixtures and fittings. While beautiful plumbing fittings and fixtures can be displayed to their advantage, another look is to hide them with a large marble slab on both walls and floors. It is a luxurious look. No grouting and a super lavish appearance.

Infrared Saunas

As part of your bathroom or as their own outdoor room, infrared saunas are quickly gaining in popularity for their health benefits. They are great for athletes, detoxing, pain reduction, and general well-being. They work by warming your body directly with infra-red lamps, rather than conventional heat. Infrared saunas are not as hot as traditional saunas and are fantastic for aching muscles, relaxation, and overall health.

When creating your dream bathroom, use Wondercap to maximize the longevity of your drains and plumbing systems. Much of the debris collected in pipes is actually caused during the building phase. Wondercap is a revolutionary item designed to protect your pipes during the renovation. This means that right from the start they will be debris free.

This expands the lifespan of your plumbing and saves you money for many years to come.  Simply pop Wondercaponto your shower drains while you are building. It works on both linear and square shower drains. Contact us for more information today. 


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