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Why Does My Drain Smell So Bad? And, What Can I Do About it?

Posted on February 09 2019

Shower drain that smells, where the wondercap is a better finish and stops smells and odours from happening!

Ever wondered what that funky smell in your bathroom is? Sometimes you know EXACTLY what is it (and we can’t help you with that). But when you’ve got that persistent funk wafting up from your shower or tub drain, you start to wonder what went down there…and more importantly…what you can do about it.

There Are Three Main Causes of That Drain Funk

A smelly shower drain almost always comes from one of three main causes:

  1. Mold
  2. Drainage line problems
  3. Biofilm.

Mold is usually present if your drain smells musty. And, yes, mold can actively grow in a shower drain that’s being used regularly. The musty smell comes from puffs of gas released by the active mold spores. These gases can range from merely annoying to quite dangerous depending on the strain and severity of the mold, so do take this seriously!

Drainage line problems are generally the problem if you smell sewage gases coming from your drain. That sewage smell is hydrogen sulfide gas and while it’s not harmful to breathe in, it’s certainly unpleasant. And, it’s a warning sign that not all is well with your plumbing lines. The most common problems in a drainage line are dry (or no) p-traps and sewer backup. Essentially, a small amount of water should be trapped near the main drain, which prevents sewer gases from floating into your home. If you use the shower frequently, the p-trap may need to be replaced. If you don’t use the shower frequently, the water may just have evaporated. You may also have issues further down the drainage line and may need to call a plumber to investigate.

Biofilm presents as a rotten egg smell. It’s a pretty gross buildup of decomposing debris mixed with a bacteria that helps the whole package stick to just about anything. Biofilm usually builds up when a drain is slow. And, of course, the biofilm makes the drain slower so the problem perpetuates itself. To remove biofilm, you need to clear the clog so the bacteria starve.

So, How Can You Prevent This From Happening in the First Place?

The right hardware goes a long way in ensuring drains… well, drain. When it comes to shower pans, which are notoriously difficult to get a clean drain installation, old-school hardware may be upgraded.

The Wondercap is an award-winning design that offers a triple seal connection to the drain. Which means no more shower pan leaks! The Wondercap catches hair and other debris that would cause blockages and backups. It’s also manufactured with an antibacterial agent, to stop that biofilm from growing!

The Wondercap offers stylish, interchangeable, and high-quality square and round strainers in a variety of finishes range available in both Square and Round to fit into any bathroom decor. Click here to learn more about the Wondercap and where you can buy it.


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