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Ready to install your Wondercap Tile Shower Drain?

How to install your shower pan liner with the revolutionary Wondercap Shower Drain solution so you never have shower pan liner leaks.

Shower Pan Liner Installation with Wondercap

Check out the installation video below to see how simple the installation process is and ensure you never have any shower pan liner leaks.

Key Install Features

  • The Wondercap secures the shower pan liner and allows for testing to ensure there are no leaks!
  • The installation process for the Wondercap is faster than traditional methods
  • The Wondercap is also easier to install than traditional drain methods
  • Ensure your drain is installed to the highest waterproofing standards

Order your Wondercap Tile Shower Drain online

Wondercap is available online through Lowe's and Home Depot.

Prefer to purchase in store?

No problem we are stocked in select Lowe's stores across the US