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The WONDERCAP Tile Shower Drain Outlet System is the brainchild of Les Howson who has successfully operated a well-respected plumbing company since 1980. The concept evolved from Les’ vision to improve installation standards for the floor and shower drains. He could see that accepted methods were inadequate, resulting in downtime, regular call-backs and repeated repairs over time and invented the WONDERCAP to remedy these unnecessary expenses.

The patented product features a protective cap, an adjustable base and dual flange which together seal the shower pan liner to the outlet preventing bathroom water damage caused by negligible installations and removes the chance of blockages caused from excess construction debris and materials entering the drainage system. Manufactured with a non-stain polypropylene and injected with an anti-bacterial agent, the WONDERCAP also prevents the growth of surface bacteria and mould, eliminating bad odours.

It is these features that have earned The Wondercap Company Silver awards for Best Environmental and Best New Product from DesignBUILD Australia.

The Wondercap Company has been an international success. You will find WONDERCAPS in residential & business towers and hospitals all throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United Emirates.
The wondercap Shower Drain