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The Wondercap secures the shower pan liner and allows for testing to ensure there are no leaks!
The installation process for the Wondercap is faster than traditional methods.
The Wondercap is also easier to install than traditional drain methods.
Ensure your drain is installed to the highest waterproofing standards.


Tools and equipment to install the shower drain and shower pan liner.  

  1. Wondercap All In-One Shower Drain $51.99 (Amazon)
  2. Shower Pan Liner $38.88 (Home Depot)
  3. PVC and CPVC Purple Primer $7.82 (Home Depot)
  4. PVC Heavy-Duty Cement $13.98 (Home Depot)
  5. X-15 PVC Bonding Adhesive $9.51 (Home Depot)



  1. Position the Wondercap Tiled Shower Outlet into shower drain outlet – ideally, the location should be in the center of the shower.
  2. Clean, prime and solvent-weld flange tail 1 into drainage pipe. Ensure flange sits flush with Floor and secure with 4 counter-sunk screws.
  3. To form the pre-slope, mark out the height of pre-slope on external walls of shower, allowing a fall of ¼” per foot. Fill with dry pack mortar and screed back to edge of outer Wondercap flange 1 . Install the curb/rough threshold. Once bedding is set, form the curb/shower step by packing in a dry mortar mix and trowelling to the desired thickness of shower step. The curb should be no less than 2” in height above the internal shower bedding floor and no more than 9” in height.
  4. Once dry, remove inner flange 2 and the base 3 & cap 4 component and set aside.
  5. Position shower pan liner 8 over the outer flange 1 and install pan liner as required by manufacturer. The sides of the pan liner are supported and nailed 1” above to the pre-installed horizontal timber support.

PRO TIP! It is important the liner is turned up the walls at least 3” higher than the finished dam and the pan liner sides are nailed no lower than 1” above the finished curb (shower step) or threshold. The liner should extend up and over the curb(where shower door/ screen will sit) and fasten to the outer floor area. Prefabricated corners can be bonded in areas where folding is not possible.

  1. Locate inner edge of outer flange 1 (screwed to the floor) and carefully cut away the inner circle of the pan liner.
  2. Apply a ½” bead of clear, all-purpose silicone (caulking) sealant to inner top surface of the outer flange 1 (on the surface of the shower pan liner) and ½” bead of silicone to the underside of the inner flange 2 (½” from edge).
  3. Clean, prime and solvent-weld inner flange 2 and outer flange. Insert flange 2 through the pan liner and press down with a twisting motion, maintain a firm pressure for a few seconds until the solvent cement has taken hold.

PRO TIP! Using the supplied blue test plug 5 , flood test the shower pan liner. The shower pan liner flood test should be held for up to 4 hours to guarantee a water tight connection. Discard test plug 5 after use.

  1. Reinsert the Wondercap base 3 & cap 4 component into the inner flange 2 . Raise the base 3 & cap 4 component to required mortar height and apply a mortar mix in and around the underside of base 3 & cap 4 to support and hold in position – always use a spirit level to ensure the base 3 & cap 4 component is perpendicular to the flange 1 . Do not remove protective cap.
  2. Screed the shower bed with 1” layer of prepared mortar mix and lay a suitable galvanized steel mesh or metal lath over the shower prepared mortar and continue the metal lath across the shower rough threshold (the step).
  1. Apply the remaining mortar mix over the mesh or lath. Screed back to shower drain outlet while maintaining correct grade as per standard building requirements.
  2. When laying floor tiles, the fall is maintained towards drain and tiles are cut around the round strainer using the protective cap 4 or strainer 7 as a template. Square strainers are set up and cut around as required.
  3. Finally, remove protective cap 4 and seal in the desired strainer 7 with tile glue and grout.

PRO TIP! Raise adjustable base to required mortar height, allowing for tile thickness.

PRO TIP! For connection with 2” linear drains insert Wondercap reducing bush 6 into base 3 . Discard if not required.

PRO TIP! If you have not allowed for tile thickness, continue tiling to the drain outlet. Tiles will finish ½” above the top of the base 3 & cap 4 . Remove cap and cut internal edge of cap 4 to the height required to support selected strainer (as per detail) to finish flush with the tiles.

Remember: Discard test plug 5 after use and if NOT installing a linear drain connection, discard reducing bush 6 .

shower drain no more shower pan liner leaks
Waterproofers will love the Wondercap. It allows them to get their job done easy and quickly without worry about spilling the agents down the pipe, and also confirms their waterproofing techniques when sealing the all in one puddle flange and sower drain to the waterproofing paint membrane
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